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As well as a number of different itinerary options, you will cruise on our beautiful bosphorus loving the magical experience, this is where you fall in to a wonderful dream, that becomes reality and taking back special memories

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Daily Cruises

You can reach all the details and options about our yatch tours on our website

Princes Island Cruises

With the boat tour to the Prince Islands named after the fact that the royal family members who had caused trouble were exiled in the history, you can explore Big İsland,Heybeli İsland, Burgaz İsland, Kınalı island and Sedef island.


Golden Horn Cruises

Golden Horn, was an important commercial center in Istanbul throughout the history. In today’s world, apart from being a popular touristic point of the city, it has the characteristics of being the biggest bay of the Bosporus.


Bosphorus Dinner Cruise

EgemYat provides services of high quality with private tour organizations which suit your style and taste. One of the various tour options meeting your expectations is the dinner tour on Bosporus.


Bosphorus Sunset Cruise

What might be more enjoying than spending the day on the sea in Istanbul at the heart of the Bosporus and an impressive history in a point where Asian and European continents meet with each other?


Bosphorus Sightseeing Cruise

What do you think about watching the city on the sea just across the spectacular Golden Horn, the Maiden’s Tower, historical mansions, Galata Tower, palaces and splendid coastline in Istanbul which carries a culture and traces of different civilizations.


Black Sea Cruises

What about a joyous boat tour by which you will witness all beauties of Bosporus while getting close to the cool waters of Black Sea?


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Pirireis Yacht



As pirireis yatch have been serving in the Bosphorus for 17 years


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Follow the Bosphorus.

Discover all the beauties of the historical bosphorus with us


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Special Events

Private Boat Tours

What about making a special moment much more special? At the center of spectacular lights, magnificent view and impressive culture and history of Istanbul and Bosporus bringing


Anniversary Tours

If you think that each year requires a special celebration no matter how many years you are celebrating your marriage, you are invited to Bosporus, one of the most romantic places of Istanbul.


Marriage Proposal Tours

Marriage proposal is one of the most special moments between couples and maybe it is an unforgettable moment in your lives. Before asking “Will you marry me?”, what about a romantic organization which will turn this event into an unforgettable moment?


Birth Day Tours

One of the most special place options in Istanbul is Bosporus for a birthday organization where dinner or cocktail will be served on a warm spring day or hot summer evening with your friends.


Pirireis Yacht

Yacht Features

  • Bathroom
    There are 2 bathroom on the yacht
  • Television & Music System
    There is have tv and music system
  • Cabin
    There are 3 cabin on the yacht
  • Free WiFi
    There is have unlimited free ınternet
  • Air Conditioning System
    There is have air comditioning system on the yacht
  • Service
    We have a staff to serve food and drinks on yacht
  • Refrigerator & Microwave Oven
    There are have 2 fridge for your cold drinks
  • Insurance & Security
    There are have All safety system on yacht, all passengers are life insured

Our Team

Yacht Captains

You will feel more confident with our professional and friendly team

Customer happiness

Coming from you

Our yachting experience with Kartal and crew was amazing! From the moment we stepped on board we were treated with care and professionalism. The tour of the beautiful Bosphorus was made even better by Kartal’s detailed knowledge of historical facts and sights. Seeing Istanbul from the water is an excellent way to gain another perspective of this magical city. As the tour was ending we decided to have lunch at a restaurant facing the water, as recommended by Kartal. The yacht pulled right up and we exited the yacht directly into the restaurant! We felt like royalty and enjoyed a delicious meal at the water’s edge. My son said this yacht tour was his favorite part of our Istanbul trip. I’d do it all over again and next time look forward to a longer tour our to the Black Sea. Thank you Kartal! Highly recommend!

Kelly Woolfolk

excellent nature, delicious and beautiful entrees, highly recommend

Mehmet ACAR

it was a wonderful day and a wonderful tour, thanks very much to the professional and kind team.


Спасибо за отличное настроения блогадаря вам отдохнули на все 💯 классный коллектив персонал и низкие цены. До следующего лета 😉 👌👌👌👌👌👌

Indira Aliyeva

Если хотите сделать супер подарок для своих друзей и близких-это то что нужно!!! Незабываемые эмоции и впечатления!!! Этот день Вам запомниться на долго. Рекомендую!👌

Omiljon Sayfullaev

Очень вежливый, профессионый и высококлассный персонал. Все наши пожелания были учтены и приняты во внимание. Не по слухам, а реально, самый лучший яхта в городе. Огромная благодарность за ваше внимание и отзывчивость в нелёгком пути.

Şahriyor İsmatullaev

If you want to spend an unforgettable day in Istanbul, this place must be your choice. You can feel like at home. The team was quite warm and friendly and the tour was incredibly enjoyable. You should definitely enjoy Istanbul Bosphorus tour with this team. Do not miss this privilege.(London/UK)

Eyup Kureli

Herşey çok güzeldi herşey için çok teşekkür ederiz çılgınlar gibi eğlendik 🙂

Tolga Çetin

Birinci tercihimizsiniz mükemmel bir organizasyondu.. çok memnun kaldık herşey için çok teşekkür ederiz..

Gülistan Gökay