Black Sea Tour

What about a joyous boat tour by which you will witness all beauties of Bosporus while getting close to the cool waters of Black Sea?The boat tour which will start in company with the timeless beauty of Istanbul is goes through Black Sea from Bosporus coastlines.Only thing you should do is to sail towards a splendid adventure between Asian and European continents throughout the ancient empires and modern history!

You can explore the historical constructions such as Rodos Tower and villages such as Poyrazkoy and Anadolu Kavagi; take a free walking activity in the village, eat a delicious dinner or order a meal to the boat so that you can eat your dinner on the sea during the Black Sea tour on the clean and cool Black Sea water.

Black Sea Tour which you will take in Istanbul which is the sole city bringing two continents together on the earth provides you the opportunity to experience a wide Bosporus tour.During the tour which will take minimum 6-8 hours, you can experience the swimming opportunity in the bays if you wish.

After taking you from the destinations and starting to sail towards Black Sea, you will sail for deep blue waters for a sea journey while experiencing a historical exploration tour.After taking a break at historical fisher villages and exploring the environment and when you turn back to the boat, remember to take a selfie together with the impressive Bosporus Bridge.

Black Sea boat tour which you will take in company with towers which date back to the Historical Ottoman Period, villages, historical constructions and deep blue, cool Black Sea waters, it offers a perfect exploration route for those who want to enjoy a joyous time on the sea after leaving from Istanbul streets.

Black Sea Tour Details

  • Black Sea Tour takes minimum 6-8 hours.
  • A priced meal service is available on request.
  • You will be taken from the destinations and the journey towards Black Sea waters will begin.
  • Historical villages such as Poyrazkoy and Anadolu Kavagi and historical towers such as Rodos Kalesi can be explored during the tour.
  • You can spend time around by anchoring at the historical villages.
  • You can experience the swimming opportunity on the cool waters of Black Sea’s bays if you wish.

Boat Properties

  • Free Internet connection
  • Passenger capacity is 10 with dinner and 17 without dinner.
  • Music system.
  • Length of the boat is 17 meters and width of the boat is 4.5 meters.
  • Double engine for 2×240 horsepower (Volvo Tenta)
  • There are 3 cabins and 2 toilets in the boat.
  • One of the 2 captains accompanies you.
  • There is 1 seaman on the boat.
  • Television Broadcast is available.
  • 2 Refrigerators and ice-maker.
  • Closed area and heater for winter months.
  • Leather seats.

Our price list is being updated regularly.You can access to the current prices on pricing page or by getting in contact with us and make reservation.Besides, you can enjoy advantageous prices through online payment option.

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