Dinner Tour on Bosporus

EgemYat provides services of high quality with private tour organizations which suit your style and taste. One of the various tour options meeting your expectations is the dinner tour on Bosporus.

If you wish to eat a pleasing dinner on bright blue waters of Marmara and Black Sea or experience a exciting boat tour accompanied by the splendid points of Bosporus, you can get in contact with us.

Watching Istanbul on the sea is an impressive and unforgettable experience. After taking you from different entrance points in the city, you can feel the atmosphere of this world famous beauty on the sea and witness the most impressive Bosporus views on both European and Asian coastlines. You can enjoy the unique beach view accompanied by a romantic dinner across historical Istanbul mansion, Bosporus Bridge, the Maiden’s Tower and coasts of CiraganPalace, Rumeli Fortress, Asian and European sides’ coastlines and so on.

The distinctive element between Bosporus tour accompanied by a pleasing dinner on the sea in Istanbul and an ordinary city tour is not only the silence and relaxing atmosphere. In this historical city which hosted great variety of civilizations throughout the history, you can be very close to the impressive mansions which have witnessed the different periods of history and enjoy the bright blue waters of Istanbul.

You can take step on Asian and European continents on the sea and you can take a fast diving into Bosporus. You will not realize how fast the time flies in our boat tour which you will take in company with historical Golden Horn and mansions in an atmosphere which carries traces from different civilizations and cultures during minimum two-hour long time period.

Dinner Tour on Bosporus Details

Details on the sunset tour by which you can experience a dinner between two continents and which we call as moonlight tour are as follows:

  • A music system which will accompany your dinner
  • A bottle of white or red wine
  • Table adornment service (with additional price).
  • Surprise offerings
  • Minimum 2-hour long tour (You can determine by getting contact with us)
  • Dinner across sunset (with additional price).
  • Turkish appetizers
  • 3 menu options by which you can select red meat, white meat or fish.
  • Kid menu
  • Cocktails (with additional price).


Boat Properties

  • Width is 4.5 meters, length is 17 meters
  • Double engine for 2×420 horsepower
  • Internet
  • 3 cabins and 2 toilets
  • Generator for 11.5 kW
  • 2 captains and 1 seaman (Captains are not available at the boat simultaneously).
  • Television Broadcast
  • 2 Refrigerators and ice-maker.
  • Heater
  • Leather seats.
  • Closed area during winter months
  • Passenger capacity for 10 with dinner and 17 without dinner

Entrance and leave points for dinner Tour on Bosporus

  • Bebek
  • Kabataş (Pier)
  • Kandilli
  • Kuleli
  • Uskudar
  • Besiktas (Pier)
  • Kuruçeşme (Across Suada)
  • Arnavutkoy (Pier)

You can be taken and left from any hotels and restaurants which have pier. You can get in contact with us for prices, reservation and detailed information.

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