Lunch Tour on Bosporus

One of the most interesting places on earth, Bosporus is one of the most significant reasons why both Istanbul people and tourists are amazed by the city. Bringing Asian and European continents and Black Sea and Marmara Sea waters together, Bosporus has been the subject of numerous legends and art branches throughout the history.

Bosporus coast which offers splendid views is full of palaces, mosques, summer houses and mansions at which you will wish to take a closer look. After arriving at the nearest pier for you, you can take a joyous journey which will take minimum 2 hours and watch the amazing views which adorn the coasts of Bosporus.

During the lunch tour on Bosporus, you can find the chance to watch the historical mosques such as Ortakoy Mosque, unique Bosporus Bridge, famous Rumeli Fortress constructed upon the order of Mehmet the Conqueror, mansions constructed by the distinguished families in Ottoman Period, wonderful palaces, hunting lodges, palaces where Ottoman sultans used to reside such as Dolmabahce Palace, Ortakoy beach full of cafes, famous Balat where different religions used to live together throughout the centuries, Galata Tower and more.

Prominent Services

Lunch boat on Bosporus starts by taking you from the pier you will choose and then it brings our guests together with the cool waters of Istanbul.

  • A private boat tour accompanied by the splendid view of Istanbul during the mid-day.
  • Opportunity to see the historical mansions, palaces and towers adorning the coastline of Istanbul.
  • Dinner menu including Turkish appetizers and red meat/fish/white meat (with additional price).
  • Passenger capacity for 10 with dinner and 17 standing without dinner.
  • Splendid views of Asian and European continents.
  • Experience to swim through Bosporus.

What is included in the services?

  • Lunch (with additional price).
  • Minimum 2 hours. (You can get into contact with us directly to adjust time.)
  • Alcohol drinks and cocktail (with additional price)
  • Hot beverages are on the house.
  • Two-way transportation.
  • Captain and seaman
  • Online payment option
  • Table and boat adornment (with additional price)

Preparation for the Event (Entrance and Leave Points)

  • Kuruçeşme, Arnavutköy, Bebek, RumeliHisarı, Baltalimanı, Emirgan, Kanlıca, AnadoluHisarı, Kandilli, Kuleli, Beylerbeyi, Üsküdar, Kabataş, Beşiktaş, Ortaköy
  • You can be taken and left from any hotels and restaurants which have pier.

Payment and Pricing

  • You can access to the current price list on pricing page.
  • You can enjoy advantageous prices through online payment option.

Boat Properties

  • Boat passenger capacity is 10 with dinner 17 without dinner.
  • Free Internet connection
  • Background music
  • Length of the boat is 17 meters and width of the boat is 4.5 meters.
  • Double engine for 2X420 horsepower (Engine brand is Volvo Tenta)
  • Generator for 11.5 kW
  • 3 cabins and 2 toilets.
  • 2 captains and 1 seaman (Only one of the captains accompanies to you during the boat tour)
  • Television
  • Closed area for winter months
  • 2 Refrigerators and ice-maker.
  • Heater
  • Leather seats.

If you want to record this unique experience which you will go through in company with a lunch and splendid views on cool waters of Bosporus, you can enjoy our photo and video service by paying their prices as well. You can get in contact with us for time adjustment, payments and detailed information.

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