What do you think about watching the city on the sea just across the spectacular Golden Horn, the Maiden’s Tower, historical mansions, Galata Tower, palaces and splendid coastline in Istanbul which carries a culture and traces of different civilizations.

It offers the most beautiful panorama of the city, wonderful Istanbul which separates Asia and Europe on the sea. Magnificent palaces on the coastline, spectacular mosques and fisher villages away from the crowd of the metropolis are worth seeing in each season.

The Story of Bosporus

The story of Bosporus is based on a Greek legend. According to the legend, Zeus has a relationship with a beautiful woman named Io. When the wife of Zeus finds out the relationship, she turns Io into a cow and Io jumps through the Bosporus. Then the region is named as Bosporus of which meaning is the “passageway of cow”.

Bosporus has always been an important water way throughout the history. Historical towers in Anatolian Fortress and Rumeli Fortress were constructed in the period of conquest of Istanbul at this unique place where Byzas had sailed to find the village in Byzantium period.

In today’s world, apart from its contemporary appearance, Istanbul is worth seeing with its historical mansions on the coastline, mosques and other significant properties.

Explore Istanbul through Bosporus Tour

Our Bosporus Tour offers the opportunity to explore the historical palaces, mosques and bridges of Istanbul. You can explore the different points of the city on the sea through the boat tour which you will realize during your Istanbul tour.

During the tour which begins and ends at any pier in coastline, you can see Kuruçeşme, Bebek, Baltalimanı, Emirgan, Kanlıca, Korfez, Rumeli Fortress, Kandilli, Çengelköy, Beylerbeyi and Ortaköy on the sea.

When approaching towards Emirgan, you can explore the spectacular mosque which dates back to 18th century, see the hunting lodge in Neo-Baroque style and Dolmabahçe Palace in Beylerbeyi, and you can travel towards the historical fisher villages in Anatolian side.

You can witness the views of coastline in Asian and European sides of Bosporus with our boat which you can rent for minimum two hours by EgemYat. During Istanbul Bosporus tour by which you will be amazed by a gorgeous city view, you can see historical mansions, numerous monuments, Beylerbeyi Palace, Dolmabahce Palace and other palaces, Galatasaray University and more on the boat. You will be amazed by the wood houses and mansions which date back to Ottoman Period on the coastline. Somedays, you can see dolphins.

  • Minimum 2-hour-long boat tour between two continents,
  • You can see the unique views of the most known coast regions and those of spectacular silhouette of Istanbul.
  • While enjoying our delicious offerings and priced cocktails, you can watch the city across the sea on your leather seats.
  • After the tour in Istanbul streets, our Bosporus tour is a perfect route to be relaxed.

Bosporus Tour Details

  • Opportunity to closely see Historical Golden Horn, Dolmabahce Palace, Galatasaray University, Rumeli Lighthouse, Ortakoy Mosque, RumeliKavagi, Ciragan Palace, Grand Mecidiye Mosque and more.
  • Delicious dinner menu including Turkish appetizers and red meat/fish/white meat,
  • Bosporus tour for minimum 2 hours

Boat Properties

  • Boat passenger capacity is 10 with dinner, 17 without dinner.
  • Free Internet
  • Television Broadcast
  • Music
  • The length of the boat is 17 meters and width is 4.5 meters.
  • 3 cabins and 2 toilets.
  • Generator for 11.5 kW.
  • 2 captains and 1 seaman (Captains are not available at the boat simultaneously).
  • Ice-maker and 2 refrigerators.
  • Closed area and heater for winter months.
  • Leather seats.

If you wish to immortalize the Bosporus tour you will take on in your Istanbul journey, you can record this special day via photos and videos by paying additional price. You can access to the current price list on pricing page or by getting contract with us.

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