Princes Island Cruises

One of the best ways to go on a holiday in Istanbul is to take a deep blue journey in Prince Islands. EgemYat is offering the opportunity for you to explore the popular destinations, secret bays, historical streets, delicious cuisine and splendid waters of Prince Islands with a sea journey to begin at the costs of the wonderful city.

About Prince Islands

Prince Islands consisting of 9 islands on Marmara Sea is like the hidden treasure of Istanbul. You can move away from the chaotic city life and go on a joyous and adventurous journey in Prince Islands where numerous churches and monasteries were constructed throughout the history.

With the boat tour to the Prince Islands named after the fact that the royal family members who had caused trouble were exiled in the history, you can explore Big İsland,Heybeli İsland, Burgaz İsland, Kınalı İsland and Sedef İsland.

Prince Islands Tour Details

Our tour begins with a sea journey for 90 – 120 minutes on average from Istanbul. You can enjoy wonderful views and sun while sailing towards the Prince Islands. When you reach one of the Prince Islands, you can anchor there to explore the land or you can go through a swimming experience in the cool waters of Prince Islands if you wish. You can enjoy the delicious cuisine at one of the fish restaurants on the coastline of Prince Islands, take a walk in Island streets and take a tour with phaeton or bicycle and take a swimming break in an isolated bay.

  • The opportunity to explore Big island, Heybeli İsland, Burgaz İsland, Kınalı İsland and Sedef İsland.
  • Prince Islands Tour takes minimum 6-8 hours. (You can get into contact with us directly to adjust time.)
  • You can explore the splendid underwater world with the opportunity to swim and dive in the hidden bays.
  • If you wish to explore the Prince Islands, you can prefer horse-drawn carriage or bicycle since transportation option with a car is not available.
  • You can eat your lunch and dinner at the well-known restaurants of the Prince Islands.

We are offering an enjoying Prince Islands tour program for those who want to experience an unforgettable day or a sportive day with swimming and diving experience in the Prince Islands.

If you are visiting Istanbul, you should not leave without seeing Prince Islands. You can swim to the bays of Kınalı İsland and then eat a lunch accompanied by delicious Turkish appetizers and fresh fish in Burgazada, take a walk throughout the historical streets of Buyukada and swim in the small hidden bays before turning back to Istanbul through the journey which will begin in the splendid coasts of Istanbul on a boat for 17 meters.

Boat Properties

  • Boat passenger capacity is 10 with dinner, 17 without dinner.
  • There is free internet connection and music options in the boat.
  • The length of the boat is 17 meters and width is 4.5 meters.
  • The boat has double engine of which brand is Volvo Tenta for 2×420 horsepower.
  • There are 3 cabins and 2 toilets in the boat.
  • The generator is for 11.5 kW.
  • Two captains provide service in the boat. (Both captains are not available on the boat simultaneously.)
  • There are 2 Refrigerators and ice-maker.
  • There are closed area and heater for winter months.,
  • Leather seats.

Our price list is being updated regularly. You can access to the current price information on our pricing page. Besides, you can get into contact with us for time adjustment and reservation. You can enjoy the advantageous prices with online payment.

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